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13 Stages Every Author Eventually Goes Through


1. Outwardly, you’re open to suggestions about our WIP. But on the inside?
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
2. When you meet someone and they start throwing out book ideas
 Michael Scott NO gif
3. When you’re finally half-way through your first draft, and forget what writing means.

4. When you forgot to hit “save” after writing that last chapter.
Frustration at work (Maurice Moss smash computer)
5. The end is in sight and you go on a writing binge to finish your masterpiece.

6. You’ve finished. You start firing off clever query letters to the dozens of agents who undoubtedly can’t wait to buy your book.

7. And then the rejections roll-in.
MRW people remind me I’m 30 and still living with my parents (Kristen Bell)
8. When you finally find a publisher, you celebrate and wait for your first royalty check.
Counting cash on payday
  9. And then the reviews start to come in.
Robin crying under desk (how I met your mother)
10. You decide you’ll never read another review again.

11. But you do anyway.

12. After everything you’ve been through, your friends and family can’t imagine why you’d ever want to write again.

13. But the truth is, you’re already half-way through the first draft of your next novel because you love writing. And you always will.